Gong Bath Meditation

Book your place
The cost is £10 for an hour.
Devizes and Avebury have limited spaces so booking is essential.
Please note that we do not advise pregnant women or people with pacemakers to attend Gong Bath Meditation

Corona Virus

Hand washing will be encouraged on arrival and hand sanitizer will be provided if stocks are available in the stores.
No mats, cushions or pillows will be available to borrow so please bring your own.
Please bring along your own water bottles.
If you feel unwell or have slight symptoms of what could be the virus then please do not attend.
Doors will be opened on your arrival where possible to avoid contact with hands so please do not shut these on arrival. I will do this when we are settled down.
Please bring with you a paper hankie or equivalent so that if you do have an unexpected cough or sneeze then you can do so into the hankie. I will then come around with a bin for you to dispose of the hankie.