Join us and allow calm into your life!

Our community is for people who want to feel calm, relaxed and at peace.

Let me lead you into a tranquil moment where you can let the relaxing sounds of the Gongs, Drums, Tibetan Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls and other amazing musical instruments bath you in their calming sounds and bring you into balance.

Relax your mind and be in the moment with our guided meditation sessions.

If you want to live a stress less life, I am so passionate about leading you into a life full of relaxation, sound sleep and serenity.

With our unlimited package you can experience the Gong Baths Live each week and also enjoy a Saturday morning extra treat and guided meditations. 

Join in with our:

Weekly LIVE online Sound Bath

Saturday morning special Gong Bath with just the Gongs 

Monthly Guided Meditation Sessions

Guests Including the wonderful Trudi Spears with her amazing drumming

Replay the meditations as many times as you like


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