Quakers Hall Devizes

Please note that at this time the hall requirements for COVID are as follows:

Personal practices for guests

            Guests should:

  1. Visit the toilet and wash hands before leaving home to minimise the need to use the facilities in the building. Observe the instructions in the toilet if they have to use it while at the Meeting House.
  2. Not come if they are at high risk from Covid 19 or have symptoms of the disease.
  3. Only park in the marked bays - not in front of the garages or other parts of the car park.
  4. Keep a 1m distance from everyone else - including when getting out of a car and

waiting to enter the MH. Also keep clear of the area around the flat door for the safety of the tenant.

  1. Use hand sanitiser on entering the building.
  2.  Follow instructions on signs in the building to maintain hygiene.
  3. Wear a face covering when walking around inside the building . Masks can be romoved when you are lying down for your sound therapy, meditation and other Crystal Healing. Exceptions will be made when doing QiGong excercise where masks can be removed during the therapy.  We have asked the hall to verify if they can be removed when lying down for the Gong Bath meditation sessions and will confirm as soon as we have this confirmed.
  4. Enter and leave the meeting room one at a time and go to the furthest chair or space.
  5. Bring their own water to drink: the kitchen may only be used if booked beforehand to avoid contact with other groups. Please minimise the number of people entering the kitchen.
  6. Not move between the two parts of the building.
  7. Leave the premises immediately afterwards.